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We are the quintessential resource for every restrictive dieter. Whether you're on a Celiac diet, Allergy Diet, Gluten Free diet, Casein Free diet, CFGF diet, or simply on a Vegetarian diet; we are your tool to success. If you know certain foods bother you, or have food allergies or sensitivities, we can give you the tips and tools to enjoy your diet. The Alternative Chef is designed to be your best resource for everything related to specialty diets, cooking and food.

  • Find your recipes, Cooking Tips and Hints, Online Diet Diary to help you plan your meals and keep track of your progress.
  • The Alternative Chef Mall is where you can purchase the chef's favorite cooking products, supplements and informative books.
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We can't wait to show you how to enjoy simple, healthy gourmet cooking, making meals that taste great! Highly restrictive diets are a challenge, not a life sentence. With our tools it can be an opportunity to explore a whole new world of food!

Alternative Chef, Lonnie Behrens

Check out my favorite food suppliers to find special offers and coupons.

Is milk a problem? Try Living Harvest hemp milks and ice creams or So Delicious coconut milk, yogurts, ice creams, and coffee creamers. Coconut Bliss also has tasty ice cream flavors like Lunaberry Swirl and Chocolate Walnut Brownie. Enjoy Life has cookie, chocolate bars, and snacks that are all casein and gluten free. And for gourmet, sweet treats try Divvies, Sweetsies, and Allison's Gourmet is decadent cookies, chocolate and brownies.

Galaxy Nutritional Foods is a great source for alternative cheeses. For probiotic yogurt alternatives look at Nogurt. Meyenberg Goat Milk products can sometime be an option for milk butter and cheese.

Gluten free products are not very hard to find these days. Check out Namaste Foods, Ener-G, Gluten Solutions, Gluten Free Sensations, Maplegrove Foods, Attune Foods, Bob's Red Mill, 18 Rabbits all offer various gluten free products such as pasta, bread, cake, pizza flour mixes and cereal. Andean Dream quinoa products are another alternative.

For the hard to find meat like buffalo, elk, ostrich, duck, and organic jerky go direct to Blackwing Quality Meats.

Apple and Eve offers great organic juices and Tropical Traditions is your source for coconut oil. Check out Pacific Foods for special discounts offering soups and specialty beverages.

Can't have peanut butter, have not fear, Futters Nut Butters is here; they have a large variety of nut and seed butters. Or maybe you are looking for your coffee fix and need a coffee alternative. Try Ersatz or Teeccino.


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